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Welcome to the Change Corner

Keeping up with the Speed of Change

Change is constant, and it keeps coming faster and faster.  Often we find we are just trying to keep up with it.  With the increasing pace of change, you need help thinking about, planning, executing and realizing the benefits of the changes you are making in your business, without the change or the change process slowing you down.


The Change Corner is a consultancy that focuses on: 

Organizational Design to aid strategic execution

Organizational Structure to enhance decision making

Streamlining Work Processes to remove pain points and clunky hand-off's

Realistic Workforce Plans to aid you with talent management 

Change Management to accelerate user adoption 


Let us help you navigate your change around the next corner 


Aligning your organizational arrows

We help you clarify your business strategy and then design your organization to align with that strategy.  We'll work with your internal teams on what comes next - planning and execution to make your design a reality.

A different approach

Change Management is our bread and butter, we just apply it a little differently.  We focus on those elements that consistently bring about successful change, and help you to develop those elements within your project or initiative.

A helping hand

 Change Corner is building new training programs.  In Person and Virtual training available Now!


Have an important workshop, meeting or training event coming up where you need to be an active participant? 

Let Change Corner design and facilitate so you can participate. 

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