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Welcome to the Change Corner

Helping you keep up with the speed of change

The singular purpose of this site is to help.  It is meant to be a place to come to for advice about a change you are considering or currently involved in.  That's it - it is that simple.  

I have been involved in change management and organizational development initiatives formally for about 15 years and informally throughout my entire career.  (I am retired now so that gives you an idea of how many years...)

Having retired, I wanted to give back.  Not through LinkedIn chat rooms and groups where someone inevitably is selling something, or their agenda, but just through talking to someone who has been around the block a few times.  

This is just a part time endeavor for me, and a way to give back while I enjoy my retirement.  It is free to you and a chance to bounce ideas off of someone neutral.  



My background is in organizational design and development, especially strong in areas of change management.  And unfortunately, I have a lot of experience with reorganizations and restructuring initiatives as well.  


Let me help you navigate your change around the next corner 

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