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What is Change Management?

Change Management is a discipline.  It has many approaches and the overall aim is to help individuals, project teams, departments, functions and even whole organizations successfully adopt something new.  The something new could be a new tool (software or hardware), a new process, new teams or leaders resulting from a reorganization or restructuring activity,

even a new company wide culture.

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Our approach to change management ...


is different than what you might experience with other consultants.  Rather than push a Change Management process on you, we start by understanding your organization's unique story.  We've developed a practical diagnostic that uses your input and data to determine the health of your organization's approach to change.  We identify the strength of key elements in your change initiative or program and surface the weak areas as well.

With diagnostic results in hand, we work with you to strengthen the weak areas and let you keep doing what works in your areas of strength.  

​​Need tools?  We can handle that too.  We recommend and show you how to use the tools you need to strengthen your change initiative. 


We can join you at any point in the lifecycle of your change, and stay with you as long as you need - from concept through planning, execution and through to full realization.

Interested in our diagnostic? Why not try it out for yourself?  Once you complete it, you'll get a full report on the health of your organization's approach to change.  It takes 5-10 minutes to complete and is free.

What Kinds of Changes?


New Processes, New Tools, Culture Change, Restucturing and Reorganizations

Launching a new tool or business process to users?  We can help ensure your change program is strong and communications are on target and effective.

Need to baseline your current culture and embed new ways of doing things?  We can help with that too - from selecting culture measurement surveys to sorting through results to making the changes you need. ​

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Downsizing, restructuring or reorganizing?  We can help you with (re)design, planning and implementation for successful change adoption.

Worried about the size of your change initiative?  Whether small, medium or large in scope, we can help. 


We work with your team to understand your vision, your environment, your challenges and the reason for your change.  We'll help you focus your resources on the critical elements that bring successful adoption of your change.

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