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The Key to Strategic Execution is an Aligned Oganization

Organizational Development starts here.  Change Corner has the tools to help you fine tune your strategic direction.

Flow Chart

Identifies where decisions happen in your organization.  Structure can be based on functions, processes, products, etc.  Structures can be flat, deep, simple or complex. Change Corner can help you determine your best possible structure.

Workflow | Information Flow

Often overlooked but coming more into focus now, work and information flow describes how work gets done.  Using various connective devices such as networks, teams and integrative roles, we can help you streamline and turbo charge how work flows through your organization.

Team Talk
Employee Motivation

When an organization undergoes change, consideration must be given to ensuring that reward systems align with the organization’s new direction.  Old reward structures may no longer work. Think bonus checks for employees who engage in firefighting, when the organization is moving toward planned, predictable performance.  As a third-party observer of your organization, Change Corner can quickly identify inconsistent reward systems and offer solutions to align this critical organizational component.

Professor Lecturing on Stage

Based on strategy, structure and the connective tissue created to streamline workflow, you will need a realistic work force plan.  We will work with your People and Talent teams to create detailed plans to support hiring, on-boarding, talent development and retention.

Woven throughout your organization is your culture.  To optimize your culture, you first need to understand it and describe it.  Change Corner can help you tease out core values and assumptions that drive how and why you do the work that you do.  We can help you enhance your culture by identifying and making changes to align it with the direction of your organization. 

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